Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Re: Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

But D7100 and its 57 focus points, 24 Mp and 1/8000 convinced me to get one unit, for this kind of safari trips, but mostly for my permanent amateur bird ID hobby.


51 points but what's 6 points between fiends .     Safaris and birds are not mutually exclusive but it can make a difference , vehicle-wise, on what lenses.  If you are serious about birds it is down to most mms vs price vs IQ.  I have the 500vr and 300 2.8vr for birds but I am buying the 80-400vrII for walkabout nature and birding/safaris/ and to up-grade my son's 70-300vr.  He is a pretty fair shooter and 300mm is too short.  He'll be able to use the TC 1.4 on the 80-400vrII.   For 6 months of the year we have lots of light.

You might want to play with the 1.3 crop to save big files when you know your going to have to crop big.

As others have said you will probably be able to sell whichever lens you buy without too much loss.

The two of you have everything covered except for your long range safari lens.   Have a great time.

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