reversing a lens for cheap macro

Started Aug 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: reversing a lens for cheap macro

Thanks for the valuable advice. It looks to me that you focused on the background rather than the letters. Anyway, it looks to me that my 35 mm 1.8G lens is not the best one for this because of the lack of direct aperture control, and I don't have any other prime lens. I understand that one should not put a zoom lens in front, also because it is heavier (I only have G lenses anyway). Reversing a lens is too tricky and I may damage the front lens. I think I will try with extension tubes, which I understand work well for small focal lengths. Maybe also with close-up filters with my zoom lenses. What about Hoya +4, which are available in the nearby store, do you know if they will keep the IQ? Is +4 enough or should I get +10?

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