This is me and my E-3,

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me with an E3, E1, E400: ergos, not size, is important

The first thing you will note (other than the WB) is what I call the 'claw' grip. It describes how the E3 tends to bend the fingers in order to operate it. This broadly matches the OP's grip.

Even though the E1 is a smaller camera, this is a lovely soft grip. Notice how the hand looks more relaxed, especially the all important shutter finger. Nice colour, eh? Both cameras were set to auto WB. These are all out of the camera jpgs (size reduced in Photoshop).

The E400 bends the fingers like the E3 but in a different direction. Note the shutter finger is in a similar position to the E3. Interestingly, the EM1 grip looks more like the E1 grip than it does the E3 grip. The WB was set to daylight on this camera, so the colour has been forced off. However, I know from experience its not very good either.

The point is that ergonomics are not necessarily related to size. Design is very important.

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