Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Wade Tregaskis
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Re: You should read Bythom first

But today, looking for a way to have an idea of Nikon 70-400 lens feeling and performance, which has been fearly recommended in this thread, I tried Sony's 70-400mm and I was suggested to combine it with A77, which is very very close to the D7100 that I would prefer. Is Sony's 70-400 that similar than Nikon's? I understand that both; A77 and D7100 uses the same sensor (a Sony sensor).

Comparing them on the D600 and A99, at DxOmark, they seem pretty close.  The Nikon tends to be sharper wide open in the mid-to-long range, though at 400mm there's nothing really in it.  Stopped down they're pretty equal.  Similar levels of chromatic aberration, geometric distortion, etc.

That's talking about the latest model of the Sony.  DxOmark doesn't have test results for the previous model (or your A77 specifically, for any lens).

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