Why Pentax, Why?

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Re: Why Pentax, Why?

viking79 wrote:

So they can sell you a hot shoe on the MX2? I agree, but really not that many people actually use one. Look at the RX100, first version has no hot shoe and no tilt screen. Second version 1 year later adds hot shoe and tilt screen for $100 more. Now you have a point and shoot that costs more than a mid level DSLR and kit lens, and people are clamoring to buy them. Marketing department I imagine


Cone on now.  Sounds like sour grapes.  Sony also modified/improved the sensor (backlit), and provided the option of adding an EVF. So, yeah, it's worth the extra $100.  And it is not all marketing.  The RX100M2 is a darn good camera - best compact camera for sure.


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