Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Re: You should read Bythom first

greg mclemore wrote:

Either big Sigma are both great if you are using a tripod, for me lugging a big 500mm lens, I prefer the light Tamron 200-500 for birding, after a couple hours your really feel the weight. All three will work.

I was already considering Tamron 200-400 lighter weight as a very important factor on those eventual long daily photographic sessions, even tough we will switching equipments with my older brother.  It also cost less than $ 1,000.

But today, looking for a way to have an idea of Nikon 70-400 lens feeling and performance, which has been fearly recommended in this thread, I tried Sony's 70-400mm and I was suggested to combine it with A77, which is very very close to the D7100 that I would prefer.  Is Sony's 70-400 that similar than Nikon's?  I understand that both; A77 and D7100 uses the same sensor (a Sony sensor).


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