Micro four thirds camera for street and general work

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Re: Micro four thirds camera for street and general work

I am afraid you won't find anything that can meets all your requirements. I think the best camera for your is the X100s, though a bit large and expensive.

Most of the interchangeable lens APS-C cameras would be too large to fit in a pocket, except for the NEX-6 plus a Sigma 19mm, which is a slower lens, and there's no touchscreen on the NEX for waist level (less intrusive) street shooting. The GX7 is the only M43 that is close to pocketable, and fitting it with a 20mm f/1.7 may just work, though quite expensive. The problem is the lens is prone to banding from ISO1600, which is bad for street shooting. The only other fast prime, the Olympus 17mm f./1.8 is very average in optical quality and probably too big already when put on a GX7, and also poor value. Anything else? I can't think of any other camera that are even close to those mentioned above for your requirements.

Hope for a fixed lens camera with a M43 size sensor soon. That should be smaller, lighter and most likely will have a better lens for street shooting than anything now available in M43, and therefore a better all round package.  You have found the weakness in M43 - nothing good as a street shooting lens, i.e. a lens in the 35mm or so FL that is really sharp, can focus fast, has no faults (like banding), is smallish and also has a fast aperture (f/2 or faster).  Nothing.

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