No Nex 7 replacement?

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Re: Sales in North America are off 43%...

captura wrote:

Philnw2 wrote:

Sony cameras can't be entirely immune from the worldwide falloff of camera sales. Generally this would mean that manufacturers need to reduce staff to make their costs balance with estimated sales. So we should expect a reduced rate of new model introductions, IMO. Even the great Nikon has seen its share prices fall on the stock market. Sony has to be aware of this.

I tend to agree with one of the other posters who thought that Nex FF has been prioritized rather than a new 7. Frankly, i got tired of waiting and bought a Nex 6 two months back. Plus, any new 7 would be $1300 perhaps. Current 6's are half that almost.

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There's some interesting new competition for the 7 now; the Pana. GX7, the Olympus EM1 and EP1. The first 2 are the 'humped' body style. The 7 should surpass them with a huge sensor. Interesting times indeed.

GX7 is a rangefinder design, no hump.  And while admittedly APS-C is larger, it's not a 'huge' sensor.  Difference between APS-C and FF is drastically more than m4/3 to APS-C.

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