Ordering Black GX7 From Canada?

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Re: Ordering Black GX7 From Canada?

Joel Halbert wrote:

jpark1982 wrote:

...I have a preorder placed and both Henrys and Aden. Panasonic does not offer a worldwide warranty so Panasonic US does not cover Panasonic Canada products.

I started to place a pre-order with Henry's a couple of weeks ago, but they only seem to accept Paypal as the payment method - that means your money is transferred already, making it a much different prospect to cancel and receive a refund.

Aden Camera had a problem with the order form at the time; it would only show Canadian provinces in the drop-down list even after I selected USA as my location. So I didn't even get to the payment page.

To be clear, I am not in the habit of placing multiple orders or "what-if" pre-orders and then cancelling or returning items. I try to put myself in the shoes of the retailer and I think it's best to research, decide and then commit to a purchase; returning should be based on unforeseen circumstances. In this circumstance, though, we have a very popular product that (if history is any guide) will be in short supply in the early weeks and months. So I did consider placing a pre-order with the option of cancelling if there is an unexpectedly long delay in availability - but I ran into the problems described above, so I still haven't ordered anything.

I will be passing through UK in early October, though it would take some planning to leave Heathrow airport for camera shopping; there is a Dixon's right in the terminal but I don't know if they will stock what I want. The UK price is probably among the highest, but there are some promotions already for free battery and eveready case. Also, I think one can theoretically apply for a VAT refund (not instant) if the camera is being taken out of the UK. I will be in Germany that week, so that's another possibility.

Regarding the warranty, I have to say that the reports of Panasonic USA customer service are very discouraging (especially out of the Texas center). So perhaps it is worth taking the risk that service would have to be arranged through a friend in the country of purchase, in the (hopefully unlikely) event of a failure during the warranty period. For me, the combination of limited choice, delayed availability and poor service in the USA make it more attractive to import the model that I really want.

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Henrys will place an authorization on your credit card, not charge in full.  It's the same thing if you ever pre-order something else, they want to verify the funds.  Not a big deal if you use a credit card, but a debit or bank account could cause issues.  I had the same issue when trying to order from Aden when using my iPad but when I use my desktop and Chrome, the moment I selected US, it changed to letting me pick state.

I placed a pre-order under the guise that I want to ensure that I get a product in a timely manner.  Im awaiting the E-M1 announcement to see whether I'm going to keep my preorder or not.  The recently released pictures of the -M1 with 12-40 have me very intrigued, especially since I'm getting solid results from my EM5 now.  I might keep the GX7 order and have it as a backup/2nd camera.

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