Pictures of Olympus 12-40mm on 43rumors

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Re: Lol, I think I agree...

Olymore wrote:

I'm fairly sure you're going to be disappointed on the cost of the lens.
I suspect initial cost will be close to $2k though it will fall a few hundred after a few months.

But it should be very high quality. I suspect it will be better than the HG four thirds lenses and close to the SHG ones

I doubt that it'll be close to 2k.  They're not stupid, they know that people would resist if it was $2,000.  That price point is in the Canon/Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 range.  I could see this lens MSRP for $1,399 or so, a little more than the Panasonic 12-35 but also sell for around $1,200, much like the Panasonic you can find for around $1,000 if you look in the right place.  I could see the body retail for around the same, so if they can put out a kit with the new body and lens for around $2,000-2,200 it could potentially sell well.

I did some shooting today with my E-M5 and PL25 combo and while the results look bland when chimping on the rear screen, once transferred onto my computer and iPad I'm very pleased.  More so than I was with y NEX setup. An E-M1 with better noise performance over the E-M5 will have me sold.

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