Poll: EOS-M System -- Dead or Alive?

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Re: Poll: EOS-M System -- question on the future of OP's M

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Tom Hoots wrote:

Well, yeah, but Joe and Josephine Consumer are still buying FAR more DSLR cameras than mirrorless cameras.

DSLRs, or the age of cheap DSLRs, started happening many years ago, so DSLRs have a huge head-start on mirrorless.

Plus entry-level pricing is nice and low.

So it's no surprise to me that worldwide there are going to be more DSLR customers while this new segment is carving out a niche for itself. Asia gives the biggest clue what might happen to DSLR sales. So we are comparing past trends (and present ownership) to future likely trends (in my opinion).

I think the mirrorless segment will get larger, especially if priced comparably to entry-level DSLRs and marketed and presented well worldwide.

It's only been recently where all the major manufacturers have come on board the mirrorless train (I think both Olympus & Panasonic would do indecent things for the retail presence of Nikon & Canon, but yet they have managed to carve a nice niche for themselves here...so imagine where that will take the Big Names?). Anyway, it will take some time before retail presence and marketing and all that does its magic on the masses. Plus take some time while the manufacturers work out what the market is wanting.

In the end, I see this "New EOS-M" as being entirely "too close to the SL1" in size, perhaps heavier, and presumably MORE EXPENSIVE than the SL1.

A 'pro' M will be larger than the current model, no doubt. But what about lenses too? I think the differences will still be noticeable, overall. Especially thickness. Then there is the 'no mirror' aspect of mirrorless that differentiates from DSLRs. All good differentiating points that most of the market will be receptive to, I think.

Cost (of course) is something the manufacturers need to work on. They have had some surprises pricing their mirrorless offerings too high and making too many units while the market was experiencing a lull in demand (cue bargain-o-rama).

With mirrorless sales completely down the toilet, and DSLR sales slumping, why on Earth would Canon waste a pile of money to develop such a thing?

Same reason any company makes stuff, I think: it's still profitable, they'll just adjust production and shipments.

Asian mirrorless shipments are down less than DSLR sales, though that isn't the case worldwide. That's reason enough to not ignore the future development of mirrorless bodies, and so is competitor pressure in the same segment. I wouldn't envy the sales forecaster's job right now.

By not making a mirrorless model to replace the EOS M, Canon would essentially be burying their head in the sand. Especially now when they are just dipping their toes into the water and need sales feedback on what works and what doesn't (and need to compete with their competitors in the segment).

The camera shipments (as a whole) are down, but who is expecting perpetual growth? This comes on the back of a very healthy decade or so of selling cameras. So they have had it good for a long time. No big deal that sales are down now in all segments, in my opinion. It had to happen eventually. Time for more innovations.

Canon & Nikon and whoever else see new opportunities in these smaller new mirrorless offerings that are likely cheaper to make while allowing the manufacturers to seek new revenue. Can you honestly see one manufacturer dropping their mirrorless efforts? The segment has to much to offer, with a lot of exciting new developments.

Just because we want one? That's just wishful thinking along with ignoring the reality of the current market for higher-end cameras.

The follownig is all my opinion of course. The user who wants a quality camera will choose on more basic reasons: size, weight, live view, video, and other features. I don't think they necessarily have to think like forum-goers grabbing discounts I just think the smaller camera will be irresistible to most users wanting a better quality choice at the camera store. Not all users. Most. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of where mirrorless models will take us. I can't see too many people (aside from the hardcore) going for the bigger bodies and lenses in the future and I don't see too much investment going into traditional DSLRs in the future either.
But that's all my opinion. (I still love using both)

I was a discount purchaser but don't let that discount the reasons why I bought the M/22 kit. I usually buy far more for the reasons you state in the last paragraph, first sentence. By the way, I agree with the remaining thoughts you have that follow that one.

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