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Re: thanks for the info

Navmark77 wrote:

I checked all the manuals for my Nikon VR lenses. They all say that it's better to listen to the advice off factory trained technicians than random posters on DPreview.

Which means all those people who have looked at their manuals and did not find advice that would support the initial advice reported here are lying?

I just randomly picked a lens manual and I could not find anything that would corroborate the original advice. The most relevant paragraph is:

  • Do not turn the camera off or remove the lens from the camera while vibration reduction is operating. Failure to observe this note could result in the lens sounding and feeling as if an internal component is loose or broken when it is shaken. This is not a malfunction. Turn the camera on again to correct this.

There is nothing about not turning the camera off while the VR switch is in the ON position. So, maybe you are right that one shouldn't listen to random posters on DPreview who say otherwise.

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