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Re: D3X or D800/E

I also had a D3x, then got a D800 (not the E model). I do not miss the D3x one bit. Its smaller, lighter and easier to use, yes, there were some early AF issues, but most of us got over them. All this talk about power usage and battery life, I purchased my D800 with two extra batteries and honestly, even shooting non stop at Mardi Gras in New Orleans all day, one battery did the job. The D3x batteries might be technically better, but if can re-charge that nite, its not an issue, the D3x would however go for days.

Its also like half the price, so unless you really needed the duel CF cards and extra weight, not sure what the issue. Even if the price were the same, not sure I would get a D3x, not now with the D4x on the horizon.

However resolution wise, do you need 36 mp? This is what I did the first week I had my D800. I made a 17x24 (my standard size-17x24" paper image 15x22.5" @ 300 dpi), I looked at that and thought, man hard to see any improvement, I then made a print on 30x40 paper, I could see a little improvement, I then made a 40x60" image with the D800 file WOW, you REALLY see the difference !!

Ask yourself, how much resolution you need, I don't want to start anything here, but you might be happy with a D7100 (which is my current second camera I use as a backup or when I need the focal length multiplier with my 70-200).

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