Using live view (D5100)

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Using live view (D5100)

I have a question about using live view to compose and take a picture. I have a D5100 coming from Cameta next week and it is my understanding that when in live view the mirror raises and you cannot use the viewfinder. From page 99 of the D5100 reference manual:

"Rotate the live view switch.
The mirror will be raised and the view through the lens will be displayed in the camera monitor. The subject will no longer be visible in the viewfinder."

Then the following printed on page 105 of the D5100 reference manual:

"Shooting in Live View Mode
To prevent light entering via the viewfinder from interfering with exposure, remove the
rubber eyecup and cover the viewfinder with the supplied DK-5 eyepiece cap before

If the mirror is raised for live view, why would you need to cover the viewfinder? Does it lower again before it takes the picture? This seems like an odd request, especially if you are using live view to take movies, but also just taking a photo. It would certainly slow down the setup process to take a picture.

I do realize that sunlight can affect the meter when in normal shooting mode and your eye is not over the viewfinder, like when you use a tripod and remote release. I am upgrading from a D80, so having live view is new to me. I guess I am confused on this issue - bper

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Flat view
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