Why do (some) m43 users care about, or even fear, Nex and/or Sony products??????

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Why do (some) m43 users care about, or even fear, Nex and/or Sony products??????

My point is not about the products - m43 and Nex are different products and both have their pros and cons - and that is not what this thread about.

My point is about a specific group of m43 users that post here repeatedly as if they have an agenda of sorts...

Every time Sony has a major announcement coming, or a discussion on this form pops up in the 'most active threads', we have the same group of m43 users that come here pretending to "know better".

I just read through some threads on the m43 forum, and the majority of the the posters there seem rather quite reasonable.

And of those that post here, most are actually ok, they respond to comments made and have reasonable points to raise, which is fine with me. (And these posters also have gallery pictures).

But a few guys stand out, specifically. Just Having Fun, Sk8trguy, RedSkiesAtNight

ET2 thinks that they may even be one and the same person.

I am all for freedom of opinion, but the same person? Over and over? Same silly points? Petty.

  • Or am I the only one getting annoyed about this threesome?
  • (Why? Because invariable they resort to personal attacks, rather than data and facts). 

Oh, and they (and a few more) are already on my ignore list, that is how I can see their posts very quickly in a thread

  • Would it be better to just ignore them completely?
  • How about we ignore them in this thread and share our comments about them instead?
  • Did anyone else get irked by any of their posts? Or by a specific reply to one of your posts?

I know, every forum has their own little group of 'funny guys' (hint - euphemism). And I rather have unmoderated forums where these guys can do their thing than a strong moderator nannysiitting the adults. So, these guys are simple 'a fact of life'.

I just cannot figure out what motivates them....

For the record - I have no affiliation with Sony at all, and am simple an amateur (I make no money with photography). I have no stake in any of this, nor am I being compensated for any of this, nor would I want to be.

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