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Re: If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

noirdesir wrote:

So, which are you talking about: movie-DVD burning software or data-DVD burning software, or to the point, is movie-DVD burning part of Windows Explorer? Since data-DVD burning is still part of the OS X Finder.

But I can rephrase: And this apparently is the first time in history that any OS vendor has ever discontinued a bundled application. At the very least, you make it sound that such discontinuations are something Apple is guilty of a lot more than other OS vendors.

I must admit I am a bit surprised by your response. But OK, here goes.

Apple markets dvd burners as part of the hardware on their machines. These are burners, not readers only. So it is at the least very strange that they would not include software to burn discs. Why sell burners if you cannot burn with the OS you are sold?

And yes, Windows Explorer will burn slide shows to disc if you create them in other software. So, if iMovie was a PC product and if I created a slide show using it on a PC, I could then burn it to the disc using Windows Explorer.

I have not said, nor did I intend to suggest, that Apple is more guilty than other computer vendors. Still I have not seen any other software vendor sell a dvd burner without including some software to actually burn something to it. Given that I think it is not unreasonable to suggest that Apple is "guilty" of not including needed software on their machines.

Does my being clear clarify what I was saying?

No, I think you accuse Apple for the omission (inattention) of single sales clerk. Yes, you can fault Apple for not having trained their clerks well enough but this omission is not structural to Apple, sales clerks in all kinds of areas very often don't provide all the information they should.

Actually several sales clerks since I made several trips to the Apple Store and spoke with several people. I also spoke to the sales people on the phone about what I wanted and none of them ever even suggested that there was no burning software included.

You again elevate the omission of a movie-DVD burning software to the omission of any software that makes use of the burning capabilities of the included optical drive.

Not movie burning, but burning anything to the disc. As OS X comes now you cannot burn anything to a disc with the included software. Again, why does Apple sell a machine with basic hardware like a dvd burner without including software to use it.

As an example the last Dell PC I bought several years ago came with a blu-ray burner and with software that would only burn regular discs, not blu-ray. When I contacted them and explained that their advertising for the blu-ray burner (which was an extra cost option) specifically said it could burn blu-ray discs, they sent me the full version of their product.

So, this is the first time an application had pointers to discontinued functionality of other applicaitons?

Yes, I think this is the first time I was told to use software that no longer existed and had no replacement that I could also use. But even if it were not you sound as though I should be happy to get the machine when I am not given software to run the hardware. Why do you think I should not say anything? Just be happy that I have the machine and not complain about missing software functionality?

Yeah, keep digging. You can use the optical drive to read any optical disk, you can use it to burn data discs, all with the bundled software, just not movie-DVDs. This is far from not supporting a whole I/O port as you insinuate with your comparison with USB or Ethernet.

How can I use it to burn data discs without iDVD? There is nothing that Apple support told me I could use to burn data discs unless I bought a 3rd party product.

No comment about the end of bug fixes for Aperture if the product is discontinued?

No, that was not a point that needed any correction. For the sake of brevity, I only addressed the points where you were inaccurate or exaggerating.

I suppose exaggerated depends upon the needs of the user. If one of the things you wanted this machine for was to burn stuff to discs and if you were told you could do that, but then found you could not without spending extra money, then I suppose you might be upset.

I am not upset as much as surprised by the omission. I have Windows software I can use under Parallels, but I am surprised by Apple's omission. And I have been just as surprised by the omission of software by PC vendors as well.

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