What's my RX1 worth ?

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Re: What's my RX1 worth ?

ncsakany wrote:

teseg wrote:

Very interesting. Any technical reason for the DR reduction? Could it be as simple as sample variance?

Interesting indeed. Not sure about sample variance, but can't be ruled out. If anything, one would think that the lack of AA filter would impact only perceived resolution, not dynamic range. I for one haven't noticed any difference in DR shooting the RX1 alongside the RX1R, but then again, I don't have lab testing equipment either, just my eyes to go by.

I'll stay tuned.

My take on the comparison is prompted by having people (not people that look at pictures with such a critical eye as those of us that post here) look at photos and comment about the clarity of the image.

I've asked, "Did you see this?" Pointing to some detail in a photo. The response, "Yes, but you can see everything in this picture!"

I've had no one say they are too sharp, or harsh. I don't have to sharpen, nor have I ever backed off sharpening. These are people that I am trying to sell photos to and the resolution of the RX1R helps to set these pictures apart from the competition.

The comment about the smoothness when rendering color is interesting. At first I felt that way too, but when I did my comparisons-ad nauseam-I couldn't detect a difference. Eye of the beholder?

Both are great cameras and obviously extremely close in performance. I will use the one I have and except the praise for the photos that the camera itself produces.

my 2 cents.


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