Ordering Black GX7 From Canada?

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Re: Ordering Black GX7 From Canada?

Mike Raub wrote:

Very strange decision by Panasonic to not offer the black GX7 in US, surely one of its largest markets, but what can you do.

I found a pre-order page for the GX7 at Henry's Camera. Any other Canadian camera dealers have a GX7 pre-order page? Are there any customs charges assessed if I order from Canada? You'd think not, but sometimes these rules don't follow logic. Is the warranty on Panasonic cameras sold by Canadian dealers the the same as the US warranty, or would I have to return the camera to a Canadian service center, if I have a problem with the camera.

Thanks for any advice.

Aden Camera also has the preorder plus they have a $100 discount on the package so the kit is $1199 Canadian.

I have a preorder placed and both Henrys and Aden.   Panasonic does not offer a worldwide warranty so Panasonic US does not cover Panasonic Canada products.

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