Battery for B-HLD10?

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Lgravell wrote:

i did not get the seperate battery cover that comes wit the camera. I got the bigger battery and the holder that screws into the bottom. so I am not sure what do to next.

thank you


Please see the thread there. I know the earthlink URL is broken.

But, it goes like this.

1. Purchase a 6xAA battery tray like the one below. You can also use 4xAA, but the 6 get's you more power and it fits fine.

2. Now you take apart the B-HLD10. To do so, you carefully peel off the rubber grip, it is just tape so it will stick back on. Under the rubber grip you will find screws. Take off the screws until you have the grip taken apart.

3. Your next step is to connect the grip to the battery tray mentioned above. If you purchase a 9V connector with wires, it is the easiest way. You just soldier/tape the +/- wires to the grip. After connecting the wires, reassemble everything.

4. Put the screws back, push back the rubber grip. Put AA batteries in the tray, put tray in the B-HDL10. You're done.

The whole project took me around 30 minutes back in 2005 and it was fairly easy. Just use good rechargeable batteries like the Sanyo Eneloops. That last a lot longer. Hope this helps.

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