If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

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Re: If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

MikeFromMesa wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

And this apparently is the first time in history that any vendor has ever discontinued an application.

I did not imply that this was some kind of unusual event. What I did say was that Apple seems to have no problem in discontinuing products that have no Mac replacement and are generally considered to be part of an OS. Disc burning software is certainly included in Windows and, in fact, is part of the Windows Explorer. Apple discontinued it with no Mac replacement.

So, which are you talking about: movie-DVD burning software or data-DVD burning software, or to the point, is movie-DVD burning part of Windows Explorer? Since data-DVD burning is still part of the OS X Finder.

But I can rephrase: And this apparently is the first time in history that any OS vendor has ever discontinued a bundled application. At the very least, you make it sound that such discontinuations are something Apple is guilty of a lot more than other OS vendors.

In which form should they have told you? Should every new computer come with a detailed list of what has changed compared to computers sold with the previous OS version (or compared with two OS version back)?

They should have told me when I talked to them at the Apple Store. I was talking to the techs about saving slide shows to disc and no one bothered to tell me that there was no disc burning software included in OS X. Perhaps you don't think it is important but I do.

No, I think you accuse Apple for the omission (inattention) of single sales clerk. Yes, you can fault Apple for not having trained their clerks well enough but this omission is not structural to Apple, sales clerks in all kinds of areas very often don't provide all the information they should.

And, yes, I do think that what basic software is and is not included should be listed. If a machine comes with a disc burner, but no software to use it, then I do think something should be said.

You again elevate the omission of a movie-DVD burning software to the omission of any software that makes use of the burning capabilities of the included optical drive.

If the included software (iMovie) tells you to use a product that is no longer available, then yes, I do think they should tell you.

So, this is the first time an application had pointers to discontinued functionality of other applicaitons?

Suppose they didn't bother to include software to use the usb ports? Or the ethernet ports?

Yeah, keep digging. You can use the optical drive to read any optical disk, you can use it to burn data discs, all with the bundled software, just not movie-DVDs. This is far from not supporting a whole I/O port as you insinuate with your comparison with USB or Ethernet.

No comment about the end of bug fixes for Aperture if the product is discontinued?

No, that was not a point that needed any correction. For the sake of brevity, I only addressed the points where you were inaccurate or exaggerating.

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