How much hassle in lens changing?

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Re: How much hassle in lens changing?

happysnapper64 wrote:

Limburger wrote:

Just practice a certain workflow so you're familiar with the routine itself.

Also consider situations when lenschanging is unwanted or uncomfortable and when not.

In an ideal situation like at home I think I can in less than 15 seconds and outside carrying a bag maybe up to 20 or so.

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Cheers Mike

Hi Mike. Hope you are OK my friend. This is one of the great things about the new Lowepro Original bag I recently bought. Feels light on my back, fits 7D + 3 lenses usually 70-200f/4, 15-85 & 150 or 100 macro, depending on whether or not I bring the tripod. I can swing the bag to in front of me, remove camera & lens, & change the lens with 2 hands without putting anything, bag or camera on the floor. I know the OP is only asking about lens changing times, but it is a great way to have all items in front of you & both hands free to do the change & put the discarded lens safely back in the bag.

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lee uk.
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The actual act of changing lenses isn't that big of a deal; you get the hang of it soon enough.  The bigger PITA is having to change lenses at all because you don't have the correct lens on your camera, and the whole process that goes along with it.  I have a backpack that I use when I go out shooting, and while it holds all my stuff nicely, in order to change lenses I have to take it off, find someplace to set it down so I can open it, and so on.  I have come to hate it.  I think a sling bag like the one mentioned above would be a fabulous solution.

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