If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

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Re: If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

.......would they tell us or would they just keep everyone hanging?

Was there an announcement when iWeb was discontinued? I can't recall.

iDVD is gone and that has certainly impacted me since I am a new user. I had to either buy a new dvd burner or (as in my case) install Parallels and Windows so I could use Roxio Creator.

And this apparently is the first time in history that any vendor has ever discontinued an application.

I don't know if they announced the discontinuance of iDVD but no one told me when I bought my MBP.

In which form should they have told you? Should every new computer come with a detailed list of what has changed compared to computers sold with the previous OS version (or compared with two OS version back)?

As far as Aperture is concerned, if it is discontinued it does not just mean that it will no longer be available to new buyers; it also means no new updates and hence no new cameras

Unless they also discontinue iPhoto (or drop raw support from iPhoto), all raw support updates that enable iPhoto to use those new raw formats will also enable Aperture, until the moment the raw conversion engine is fundamentally changed.

and no bug fixes. It is a serious step for someone committed to using it and, it seems to me, is worth some concern if it happens. I have no idea what Apple has in mind but I was certainly taken by surprise by no available iDVD. My version of iMovie is still telling me to use iDVD to burn my slide shows to disc.

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