D3X or D800/E

Started Aug 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
maroubas Junior Member • Posts: 42
Re: D3X or D800/E

I had D800 and now i have a used D3x and i am VERY happy for my decision...
D800 is excellent camera but i prefer the d3x because it is focus 'correctly'
With d3x i dont need the faster PC, i have dual cf card support, and the battery life is greater.
I have perhaps the cleanest base iso file (iso100) but i dont have good iso performans upper iso800.
Its heavy, its built like a tank.
It has a very good resolution (d800 is better but i dont need it any more) and the DR is excellent(d800 is very-very little better here but the different is minimum).

Ι prefer the D3x, FOR ME and my needs its better camera..

(the only camera that maybe i consider is d800E.)


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