Quick review / comparison of Sirui T-025 and Sirui T-1205X

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Re: Quick review / comparison of Sirui T-025 and Sirui T-1205X

Craig Gillette wrote:

Pretty much any tripod with an extended center column risks vibration or stability issues as you raise the center column. Removing or lowering the center column takes that part of the problem away. One still has the potential for problems from the size/quality/fit/number of leg tubing and joints, etc. Weight of the camera and wind, etc., will also make a difference. small, mirrorless cameras and use of remotes and/or mirror lockup helps. FWIW, on these very light tripods, I question their use with dslrs due to size and weight as well as the mirrorflap.

I spoke with someone on ebay who just sold their T025X (carbon fiber with removable column) and he said the he was getting image shake on exposures longer than 8 seconds, even with the column removed.  He also said it was 5-6oz more than advertised weight.  I think I may have to go T1005X aluminum or T1205x CF version.

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