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Re: D3X or D800/E

I owned the D3X. It's got replaced by 2 D800, because of new features I could really use. As a high resolution back-up, the D3X got unused for months, as you go readily to the highest pixel count body first. So reluctantly, I chose to sell it and acquire another D800 (identical bodies, and it does not hurt to have a spare D800 while the other is in the shop for weeks, waiting for parts...!)

D3X plusses:

obviously, better built body,

long life shutter

battery/charger compatible  with other D3 series cameras, not compatible with D4/D800

AC power supply not compatible with D4/D800

2 X CF cards

resolution quite close but definitely not equal to D800

superior DR, not equal to D800

It's a gorgeous camera. Was flawlessly designed and produced (not the case with the D800), with the resulting high ticket.


Large and heavy, if that matters. You're not better off with a D800 with grip.

Lacks many recent developments, such as sensor cleaning (this feature may help but is definitely not a solution), video, time lapse, writing to both card and computer (instant back-up in the studio), two-way "bubble" level, other small conveniences.

Looses value by the day, as it instantly lost appeal once a $3000 36 mpix became available.

Get 2 X D800 for the price of a brand new D3X while they last...

Loses image quality quite readily above say, 1200 ISO. In terms of overall color, shadow color and overall noise.

Noisy shutter

That's all I can think of at this moment. In short, get the old king of resolution used, for very cheap, and enjoy this pinnacle of DSLR's for years to come. Or for the same price, get the feature-laden, flimsy built and hastily produced D800, but enjoy more features, better image quality, better re-sale value, smaller, lighter body and so on. The D3X performs beautifully in good light. D800 can still be used in poor light.

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