MPE-65mm macro lens

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Re: MPE-65mm macro lens

phill104 wrote:

I have both the 65 and the 60. Until I can get the twin flash I am sticking with the 60 but have yet to experiment with it at such magnifications. I didn't realise it would go as far as 3x though. My current setup is a diffused 600EX-RT triggered by the internal flash on the 7D. I have the internal set to minimum and it is mostly blocked by the diffuser on the 600 anyway.

Did you know you can set it so that the built-in flash doesn't fire for the exposure, only for the pre-flash? Go to Flash control / Built-in flash func setting / Wireless func - and choose the symbol for external only.

Actually even then the built-in flash does fire at extremely low intensity - it can show if the subject is very reflective.

I use this set up routinely for table-top stuff with the external flash(es) on stands, but with the flash on a bracket for macro I prefer to use a cable.

It seems to work OK at 1x but I reckon that at 3x it would blow the image quite a bit. Any tips (other than dashing to the shops for a 24).

If the diffuser is closer to the subject it will be even more effective. Hot spots should be no worse than at 1x - and possibly better.

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