should i buy a gh3 for hq video and stills?

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Re: should i buy a gh3 for hq video and stills?

ryan2007 wrote:

You are not well informed in your response.

1. the best camera for video is a dedicated video camera. It is a more out of the box solution for video.

2. using a HDSLR Canon or Panasonic any you will have to spend more money to mimic what a video can do. In short, you need a rig past the camera and lens that will increase your budget at least $1,500. This is to get a geared center column tripod with fluid video head, external monitor of any flavor a LED panel to help on the run, maybe hot lights for video mode/use no matter the camera.

3. HSDLR's and Black Magic do not have the image stabilization ability to the level of a dedicated video camera.

4. Lenses, if you want what a typical dedicated video cameras lens range has you need at least two lenses for the HDSLR camera and they should be fast lenses if you want to do it the best way OR do not zoom the lens as you actively record, you will change the exposure causing what look like little flashes like a light switch being flicked on and and off.

5. You may need a steady cam like product for handholding the GH-3 and moving at the same time.

6. The GH-3, Canon 5D, Black Magic are nothing like a dedicated video camera and you need to spend more money and more time. Depends how easy you want to make shooting video and how important the video is.

To your point 2, all of that stuff you might have to buy for a dedicated video camera too - same for point 5, the steadicam. You are right that it can take more effort to get good quality video from a DSLR/M, but this is largely because of the larger sensor and therefore much slimmer depth of field, especially at the large apertures needed in low light situations such as gigs.

By the way, Black Magic is a dedicated video camera ("Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera"). Just not a conventional one.

Some of us like hybrid cams such as the GH3. You can take good stills with them (as specified by the OP) as well as really good video if you're willing to learn how to do it. Being lighter and smaller than the bulk of video cameras (apart from BM), they are easier to haul around and actually require lighter tripods, jibs etc than they otherwise would. Also the flexibility of using just about any lenses you like.

But camcorders also have a place, I agree. A video pro that I know still uses Sony Z1's for all his work. And I guess for what he does that is all he needs.

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