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Re: Sort of a mistranslation

windsprite wrote:

Snowbird_UT wrote:

The Google Translation made it sound as if there was special sauce in the E-P5 algorithms? I'll wait for the EM1 testing to come out before contemplating a purchase but I don't expect anything extraordinary. That's to say, I don't expect to be giving up my dSLR anytime soon.

The Google translation is a little off. It says "Four Thirds lens was faster secretly." The original is こっそりとフォーサーズレンズのAFが速くなっていた, which means more that they sneakily improved the AF while we weren't looking, and hardly anybody noticed.

From a quick skimming of the original article, it sounds like hardly anybody noticed because ... it's not that much of an improvement. They say it's wrong to expect fast focus with PDAF lenses on CDAF cameras to begin with, so we should be happy with any change that makes the AF less annoying.


if you went all the way to the last video
its an improvement in the sense of 'electricity' or 'pump up tyres' are 'improvements'

pdAF would make an improvement on that too

BTW: thanks for the translation

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