MPE-65mm macro lens

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Re: MPE-65mm macro lens

John K wrote:

LeoBricker wrote:

I can't get enthused about being that near bugs and critters. I've been thinking about this lens for photos of my knives and maybe stamps, coins etc. plus whatever else strikes me at a given time.

You can actually get to about 3x with the EF-S 60mm and a full set of extension tubes (the EF-S 60mm is actually a 37mm lens @ 1x).

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I have both the 65 and the 60. Until I can get the twin flash I am sticking with the 60 but have yet to experiment with it at such magnifications. I didn't realise it would go as far as 3x though. My current setup is a diffused 600EX-RT triggered by the internal flash on the 7D. I have the internal set to minimum and it is mostly blocked by the diffuser on the 600 anyway. It seems to work OK at 1x but I reckon that at 3x it would blow the image quite a bit. Any tips (other than dashing to the shops for a 24).

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