Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Expert Review

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Re: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Expert Review

M Hamilton wrote:

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M Hamilton wrote:

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Review dated August 9, thread here:

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It is the same I posted.

I think that's Nevada's point, this is a double post of something discussed 2 weeks ago.

What would be more relevant is this review posted yesterday:

Or this video posted today:

Very nice find, hadn't seen the last review nor the video. I agree its odd seeing this post of a review that was posted over 2 weeks ago. It appears that on this forum and others M Hamilton that you're super excited about this, as much as I am? Do you have yours pre-ordered?

I haven't been this excited since I won my E-PL1 3 years ago. I have a pre-order of sorts, I work at a Camera Shop in Canada so I'm hoping the Pana rep here gets me mine pronto.

Very nice.  I have one preordered from Aden Camera as well as Henrys.  I live in the US and want a black version, even better that the kit comes with the 20 prime.  I'll keep whichever one is shipped first and either cancel or re-sell the 2nd one.  I should be able to make cost or more selling the black kit in the US.

I did buy an E-M5 to hold me over and I do enjoy it but I'm interested in the GX7 because I prefer the rangefinder style vs the SLR look.

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