Review/Impressions: OM-D Grips and Batteries

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Re: The grip is also good for shifting the center of gravity.

Paul De Bra wrote:

I do not have the grip and want to keep my package small so I'm not getting one either.

But... there is an issue with the E-M5: with a less than trivial lens attached it has a tendency to tilt forward when it is hanging from the neck strap. I find this mildly annoying. Adding the battery grip makes this much less likely to happen. (The center of gravity is lowered and the vertical size is increased as well, both aspects help to avoid the tilt problem.)

Before the E-M5 I used the Canon 450D, mostly with either the fairly large 17-55IS f/2.8 lens or else the 18-200IS lens. Neither combination had this tilt-forward issue to the extent the E-M5 does.

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The RRS camera plate (to which the grip attaches) gives the camera a considerably firmer footprint.  However, with the Oly 40-150mm on there... I just tested it...  with the lens pulled all the way in to 40mm, the body still tilts forward.  Doh.

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