My Dream Nikon 1 V1 Camera

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My Dream Nikon 1 V1 Camera

I am a big fan of the V1, its form-factor, speed and accuracy of its focusing and metering system, the usefulness of the EVF and generally, just a lot of fun to shoot.

I have learned to work around the quirks and limitations of the V1 but I cannot help but dreamed of an ideal V1. Here's how it looks:

The top plate of my Dream V1

The PASM dial sits on the top next to the hot-shoe. There is a dedicated one-press-active AE-L button - yes! Exposure compensation has its own dial too. The green marker next to it is an LED that is green when the camera is on. The on-off is controlled by the spring-action rotary switch around the shutter-release button. The dial on the left works by invoking the menu on the Display for the selected function. For instance, pressing the central button on the dial calls up the QUAL menu on the display (RAW, JPEG, etc).

The rear of my Dream V1

Since the PASM dial has moved up, there is now a bigger thumb-rest area. Major functions such as ISO and WB are given prime positions. Lesser used ones are relocated elsewhere. The left-right-up-down key now moves the focus-rectangle without having to press OK first. Also, pressing OK puts the focus-rectangle back to the centre.

The dials on the top plate could of course be recessed (countersunk) for aesthetics.

When in M mode, the up-down level controls aperture and the rotary dial around the OK controls the shutter speed.

Best of all, the form factor is maintained and the battery is EN-EL15.

Just then, I woke up and realised it was all a dream - sigh!

Flat view
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