Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Re: Prety cool

Mako2011 wrote:

fpix wrote:

  • Images come from 7D and 5D3.
  • Distance to subject is always the same. Lens is always EF 300 f/4L IS USM. 7D images are matched to have similar size as 100% crops from 5D3.
  • Postprocessing is done something like "best resonable effort" - actually some 1-2 minutes per image in LR. Digital exposure is always 0 (no push / no pull).
  • LR sharpening is same in all pictures, NR varies for obvious reasons (7D needs always more NR vs. 5D3).
  • For the moment I tell you only left images are always from the same camera, right images from the other camera. I let you and the collegues guess which is which. It should be clear.

ISO 100



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Pretty interesting comparison. One on the left appears sharper but the DOF diffrence is obvious as well. Resolution seem pretty darn close in both. Sharpening left to right tough appears a tiny bit diffrent. Hard to tell. Maybe a NR issue

Why would there be a DOF difference?   Using the same lens from the same distance with the same viewing magnification with identical crops, it doesn't matter if you're full frame, APSC, m43...whatever.   DOF should be identical.   You are cropping the central portion of the image, so it doesn't matter that it came from a huge frame or a small one since all the other factors have been accounted for.

There may be minor focus plane differences due to test setup, but DOF should be the same

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