All Nikon VR lens - good advice given

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Re: thanks for the info

larrywilson wrote:

Darn it Lance, I'm personally going to turn off the vr before turning off the camera, then removing the lens. I personally will follow the repair person's advice, no big deal. I consider myself just a photographer wanting to take good images and not an authority of the workings of a lens or even the workings inside of a camera. So much excitement over this thread, my gosh.

Placebos are known to be quite powerful. Like regularly quitting all apps on iPhones and iPads.

And so far nobody has tried my simple test to see if one could show that there is something in the advise. Just take your VR lens, switch the VR of on the lens and very gently shake it, then do the same with the VR on when switching of the camera. If one can feel or hear a difference, there could be something in this advise.

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