What's my RX1 worth ?

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Agree mcshan. RAW+photo Ninja = win.

mcshan wrote:

Hi DF, Hope you see this post. I have been struggling a bit the first week with the RX1R. Starting yesterday I began shooting RAW. The first week was basically this pattern: jpeg, pp in LR, and maybe adjust post lightroom with Zoombrowser on basic brightness/contrast. I got some good shots at least I was pleased, especially in black and white which in touched up in using Nik. I found myself turning down sharpness, detail.

I read on another thread that Photo Ninja was a solid program to work with RAW on. I thought I would try it simply based on the speed aspect (especially compared to the Sony program). Photo Ninja was only $79 as I already had Noise Ninja.

I can report to you that my enjoyment of the RX1R has gone way up. Just figuring my way around the RAW I shot yesterday and today and I am doing pretty good with the Ninja program. I will get even better with more than one day's use of it. You are correct...in RAW I have tweaked detail/sharpness etc. and am now VERY pleased with the photos (mostly stuff around the city...not art but merely shots to try out with Ninja). I now love my RX1R and will get better. Just think: I have had a new camera for just a week AND one day with a new RAW program and I am really pleased. The stuff I tweaked today doesn't seem nearly as sharp and I will get even better at delivering the more creamy texture I have always liked.

I'm sure the RX1 is great and a fine camera but should you jump to the R edition (I'm staying out of the money aspect as I have no clue what you will get for your RX!) I am certain you can make it deliver the photos that match your taste and style. Sorry so long a post but I wanted to update you.

By the way, I still intend to shoot mostly jpeg but it is good to know that the camera really sings shooting RAW.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

You must shoot raw to extract the full potential of the rx1/rx1r files.

I have been using Photo Ninja for some time now and think it is a great converter.  (Props to Rob for the suggestion).

Delighted to hear that you are getting the output you hoped for and thanks for the post.

PS - all of the later images I have on my Flickr stream were done with PN.  It is obvious that I am not a pro but nontheless I enjoy the images.


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