Your favourite legacy lens not quite up to it any more?

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Re: Your favourite legacy lens not quite up to it any more?

FD 85 1.2 on E-Pl2

tamras29 wrote:

I have been disappointed with my Canon FD 50 f1.8 &  FD 70-210 f4 zoom on my OM-D - both totally blown away IQ wise by the Oly 45mm and the Oly 40-150. I suppose I was expecting more from the old boys. OK - I know I'm not comparing with Leica/Zeiss but I was surprised.

Which of your old lenses do surpass your expectations?


My Canon FD 85 1.2L is the best lens I have used in any format....and I have wayyyyy tooooo mannnnnyyy lenses.

I want to get a 24 1.4 FD L and a 50 1.2 FD L to go with it....on m4/3 and other sensor sizes and also for video.

I actually have not tried that many on m4/3

Minolta 85 1.7 MC is very good (was less than a twentieth of what I paid for the Canon)....I still much prefer the Canon.

Pentax 50 1.2 is ok

Minolta 50 f2 is surprisingly good.....actually I think just about all 50mm lenses would be good....the thing in the native 45mm 1.8 favour is af....same with the 75.

I will be getting the 45 but I love the Canon 85 too much to bother with the 75.

I will have to try a few others soon.

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