What's my RX1 worth ?

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Re: What's my RX1 worth ?

Richard Spangler wrote:

There is no way I would take a loss on my RX1 to get the RX1R. To me that one little difference is just not worth it. I will wait for the next version to see what improvements are made. I would take PDAF anyway over just having the R.

Maybe to OP DFPanno, the monetary loss on his RX1 to get the RX1r is inconsequential. Every camera depreciates the minute the seal of the box is broken. And will be harder to sell his RX1 at a good price, since it's a niche camera, and will depreciate even more as the RX1r becomes readily available.

As a pro, he probably needs that increase in IQ the RX1r may give him. And taking a 30% + depreciation hit may be fully justified to him. Better for the OP to get as much as he can now.

Just curious, is the RX1r IQ and/or feature set that much better than RX1 for non-pros/enthusiasts? After all, it's a $4000 camera to add all the toys that must go with it.   ;).

It's not exactly a camera to take snapshot with, yes?

Report back your findings. And post some superlative pictures deserving of a top tier camera.

Enjoy new RX1/r camera

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