Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all

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Re: Think first ...

Todd Ka wrote:

Sante Patate wrote:

Todd Ka wrote:

People have a right to what they create. Is somebody starts with a clean pallet and creates something from nothing it should be theirs for life. In general nobody should have a right to jack with it and incorporate it into their work with out some sort of permission from the creator.

So, you think it should be illegal to photograph buildings? Bridges? Sculpture in public places? Signs? Billboards? People on the street wearing original clothes designs?

Note the "in general" disclaimer.

In general, "in general" means nothing.  What you really mean is that photographs - your personal work - must be strictly protected from any form of un-authorised use, while anything that you might wish to use to create a photograph must be totally unprotected.  Well, that is going to be hard to write into the law, and any IP law sufficiently draconian to achieve the protection you want for your own work is going to make creating your work impossible.

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