Fuji X to m42 screw-mount adapter

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Re: Fuji X to m42 screw-mount adapter

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i got a rainbow imaging m42 butithe inner metal screw ring moves like its loose. When i screw mount the Helios lens on it the lens moves along when i adjust the focus ring or apature. Anyone has the same issue?

I have owned the rainbow imaging L39 adapter. I had to use a 1mm allen wrench on the 3 screws to adjust to the proper orientation of the lenses when mounted and tighten else it will move around. I expect this is the identical problem. Looks for three small openings on the side. assuming they are there, then use a 1mm allem wrench to loosen, move to xorrect position, then tighten. Do not muscle down, just tighten. The first time it did it too loosely and a month or two later i had what you described. Very easy to fix. I did have to go to a hardware store and get the right tool but who doesn't need a good set of small Allen wrenches for thins like this.

Al, i have returned the adapter back to rainbow and repurchase another hopping for a better version. i did see these three screws and noticed they call it "adjustable" m42 screw mount. I guess the three screws is where you do the adjustment of the mount. What exactly is the correct position that you mentioned?

thanks in advance.

Yes, the 3 screws is what you need to adjust. Rainbow has some very nice adapters, I own two, the one below and one for a Tamron Adaptall to Fuji X, and just ordered a 3rd one for Nikon F lenses to Fuji X.

Before adjustment - the center of the lens is not aligned/centered - notice the centering dot positioned/offset between 11 and 12 o'clock

After adjustment - dot at f/5.6 is also centered with the adapter top

Properly aligned lens with adapter and camera

Got it. Thanks Al. You have got some pretty sexy legacy combination there.

Thanks. I just picked up a Nikon 28mm f/3.5 lens for about $80 for IR work. The Fuji 18-55 is bad for this. Early test show the Nikon to be a real gem.

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