Getting E-PL5. What else?

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Re: Getting E-PL5. What else?

Michael Meissner wrote:

Polythene wrote:

Are third party spare batteries reliable? Also does any battery from the pen range work in the E-PL5?

It depends on who made the battery. I tend to use Wasabi batteries from that seem to out perform the Olympus batteries.

In terms of other Pen batteries, yes they will work, but your charger might not charge them. A few years ago, there were new regulations in Japan that mandated battery chargers turn off when the battery is fully charged (presumably there was a reason they enacted the law). So Olympus came out with the BLS-5 batteries, which are the same size as the original BLS-1 batteries for the Pen (and E-4xx/E-6xx DSLRs), but the BLS-5 batteries have an extra contact point for the battery to tell the charger to stop. So, a new charger with an old battery will not work (an old charger with a new battery will work, but it won't shut off automatically).

I recall that in the US Olympus switched batteries on one model (E-PL2 I think), but some time later, they went back to distributing the BLS-1 batteries. The internet rumors were the BLS-5 factory in Japan was damaged by the earthquake, and for a period of time, Olympus had to ration the BLS-5 batteries for Japan, but other parts of the world got BLS-1 batteries.

I have measured a few batteries, and the Oly battery measured just over twice the capacity of any aftermarket batteries, including a Wasabi from Bluenook.  They all give decent runtime though.

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