If Apple abandoned Aperture.....

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Re: Abandoned Aperture ...oh my...like a dumpster baby.

DenWil wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

.......would they tell us or would they just keep everyone hanging?

Was there an announcement when iWeb was discontinued? I can't recall.

Abandoned? Surely you meant discontinued. Your emotional investment in a tool would be comedic if it were a toothbrush.

Yes there was an announcement when iWeb was discontinued. Approximately a year in advance. The iWeb app still functions perfectly. Even on Mountain Lion. The sky did not fall, chaos did not ensue. No improvements have not diminished my user experience. What I had two years ago is exactly what I have now.

There also was an announcement when Apple discontinued Apple Works (saying that it would not receive any updates anymore from then on), but that was already a few years after the last update to Apple Works.

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