Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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Re: Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

Brian Caslis wrote:

blank_ wrote:

image review is a pain, almost as silly as no quick iso change. I could live with that just using manual and autoiso, but nikon (from some reason, which is beyond me) decided not to show actual iso in auto iso mode.

these irritating things actually make the V2 so much more useful, it makes me think nikon crippled v1 on purpose, not to compete with V2, which followed soon.

While I do think Nikon should add firmware changes to the V1 has many want here, I wonder how many here have experience with what is possible in firmware. I'm a hardware engineer by training but have worked mostly with software and firmware in practice. Often there are hardware decisions that prevent what would appear to be small firmware fixes to be done. A smaller memory buffer or fixed register size can easily prevent a feature from being changed.

I have no idea what the case is for the V1. But it's easily possible that the V1 image review is tied to some hardware specific implementation that prevents it from being turned off. The V2 has a lot more hardware changes than all the review seem to imply. After trying one and reading more about it, it's not the same under the hood that most of these reviews seem to say. It's possible the ability to turn off image review is tied to one of the hardware changes, not just firmware. Do any of the other 1 series cameras allow image review to be turned off? Just something to think about.

As for Nikon listening to their customers, the V2 I think is the only one to have the ability to turn off image review. It's likely also their worst selling 1 camera. What message do you think this is sending to Nikon?

What you are saying is highly unlikely. Obligatory Image Review demands more, not less processing power and features on the side of the sensor and processor, than when the camera doesn't have to perform it. It most definitely can be corrected with a simple FW update, but Nikon doesn't want to do it.

Fuji have shown us what can be done with FW updates. They have even implemented a highly advanced* (from the number crunching standpoint) feature, like focus peaking, with a simple FW update. And judging by AF and general operation speed, Fuji X cameras have a mere fraction of processing power under the hood. N1 cameras have tons more.

*not only does the CPU have to process the live-stream from the sensor, but also to analyse it for edges with high contrast and change color for those pixel. All of this in REAL TIME. After contemplating on this, how can anyone claim that something simple as obligatory image review can't be fixed with a simple FW update?

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