One beautiful system by chance or by planning?

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Re: All they got from Sony was the sensor

TrapperJohn wrote:

I have long suspected that the less than sterling results of E bodies, when raw output was compared to the better APS systems, was more the hand me down Panasonic sensor than the sensor size. The EM5 pretty much confirmed this - it handily matches both the NEX7 and D7000 (actually bests them a bit in some areas).

In the case of NEX7, it's the same sensor, same pixel density, just larger for the NEX7. And there is no noise penalty, just 16mp instead of 24mp. Just like Nikon, Oly seems to be able to get a bit more out of a Sony sensor than Sony can.

Really, had Oly gone this direction with the E5 instead of a second generation Panny sensor (the GH got their best sensor), things might have turned out a bit different. 'If' can be a bittersweet word.

I haven't heard anything about Panasonic moving on PDAF on sensor, so the tieup with Sony may have come just in time. Prior to getting the Exmor sensor, Oly had pretty much said that they would never get fast ZD AF on the mirrorless design.

One Beautiful System may not be the most perfect solution, but it does appear to have full functionality with ZD glass. That's enough for me.

A. It is not the same sensor.

B. Please keep on mind the sensor is a mindless brick without the processor and engine which is purely Olympus.

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