Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Re: Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

"In Kenya or Tanzania if you guide is good you can get within 5 feet of a lion, so an 18-105 fits this need."

Although I don't recall that the OP indicated where exactly he was going, in Tanzania in Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti you are not allowed off road like you are in Kenya in the Mara.  So while the wildlife is all around, I wouldn't bet on being within 5ft of the wildlife at all times.  Sure it may frequently happen that you are very close but just as much you may be further than you anticipate.  For Botswana you can be pretty sure you won't be as close to the wildlife as in Tanzania, Kenya or Kruger.

Not sure what month you are going but for the Serengeti with large herds of wildebeest a nice wide shot will look incredible.  Personally I would go wider than 18 if possible.

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