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Travelshooter wrote:

In my experience the B+W was easy to clean and the Hoya was a PIA. Once burned twice shy, never bought another Hoya and use B+W on every lens for what I see as miniscule saturation improvement and lens protection. There are times when you can have a hood on and times when you can't. On tours and trips you may be pulling the camera out and putting it back in a bag many times an hour all day long.... do you want to use a hood you have to reverse to put the camera in a bag, only to have to reverse again to use? Things happen, things get knocked against things. ... sure a hood is protection but do you travel with it on? Eventually even the lens cap will mark the threads in the lens. I'd rather have a filter there knowing nothing can touch or mark the glass coatings.

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So are you comparing the B+W 007 vs. the Hoya pro1 or HD/HD2?

Like I said on my previous post, the pro1 was a pain to clean. now I'm choosing between the HD2 and the 007.

One more thing to add about not being to have your hood on all the time to protect your front element. I don't always have my SB flash with me all the time so I have to use the pop-up flash. Of course with some lens/hood combinations the hood gets in the way. I've had to retake a lot of shots when I forget to remove the hood.

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