Buying a GX1

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Re: Buying a GX1

Doctor Voctor wrote:

I think I'll have to go with a viewfinder... do you guys have any tips for a good camea with a viefinder or an inexpensive evf add-on in the $500 and below range? Preferably in a similar form factor to the GX1.

And thank you all so much for your wonderfull replies!

You can get the GX1 and LVF2 viewfinder for under $500, I believe.  The LVF2 is going for around $160, and the GX1 can be found for about $280....

If you want a very small camera with a built in EVF, you may want to take a  look at the G5.  Even though it has a grip, it is really quite a small camera, and right now you can pick up some remarkable deals on it. ($399 for the camera and kit lens in several places).

Don't be fooled by the DSLR look; it's really a small is a bit taller than the GX1, but once you put the EVF on the GX1, that advantage disappears completely....

Worth taking a look at, in any case.


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