G5 worth buying for someone who dislikes touch screens?

Started Aug 23, 2013 | Questions thread
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DominicVII wrote:

Hello all,

I have already invested in DSLRs, but I have always been a friend of Panasonic's line of products. There is a good deal on the G5 where I live, but I cannot get myself to decide whether I should go for it or not.

The main obstacle to my purchasing the G5 is the fact that I absolutely despise touch screens. Does it make sense to purchase this camera if you intend to deactivate the touch screen? Will the camera maintain full funtionality at all with the touch screen turned off?

I would appreciate your feedback.

One of the nice things about the G5 is you can, indeed have full functionality with the touch screen turned off completely.  You can even use the camera with the screen flipped closed entirely and using the EVF only, and due to the comprehensive button system on the G5, you can access just about everything you want directly that way, and through menus for the more obscure stuff.

You can also turn off some functions and leave others, if you want.  They have done a very nice implementation of the technology in this camera, by the way, if you do decide to experiement with it.  However it works absolutely fine without using the touch function at all.


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