Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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Re: Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

olyflyer wrote:

Like I already said many times, I would welcome ANY improvements to the V1, even if I personally am not bothered by it and would not have use for it.

Obvoiusly, those requesting the improvement are the ones who could benefit from them. There is a lot of unlocked potential in Nikon 1 cameras and again it is just the company's poor recognition to not to use it in their favour - give pro's free gear to shoot fast moving things, show the effects, and masses will follow, whether they need it or not. That is how overclocking works in PC processors business.

If only somebody cracked FW like it happened to Canon with CHDK and Magic Lantern

This is unfortunately marketing decision, so one can only expect bad things.

Apparently you are not working in a large company's marketing department...
What we see is the result of simplification, not necessarily flaw, just a different way of thinking.

Definitely you've got more to do with marketing
I name Nikon way of thinking about 1 system 'schizophrenia', as their actions so well match the definition...

As much as I'm happy to admit that on J series strange modes directly on dial, and all the useful information hidden can be somehow seen as cool & trendy, V1 supposedly (at least based on initial price tag) being enthusiast camera and yet being based on the same wicked idea, that needs a lot of s**t to be smoked to qualify as thinking - one way or another...

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