What the MFT format is about.

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What the MFT format is about.


I have been reading a lot of comments on this forum from FF user that basically pans the MFT & FT format. Well, as a FF and APS-C format user I would just like to say that my opinion of MFT is quite the opposite. I think the new GX-7, EP5 and, of course, the OMD are some of the best performing cameras around. Can they compete, image quality wise, with the latest FF cameras? ...Well, of course not but they were never meant to and the same can be said for APS-C. The simple truth is that the current crop of MFT cameras can compete very well with APS-C format DSLR’s, and that is no small achievement.

Some time ago I bought an EPL-1 kit at a silly cheap price as a travel camera as I was tired of lugging around my excellent but heavy Sony A900 outfit. I thought the Olympus sensor on the EPL-1 was ok at 200iso but a bit poor after that. Then along came the OMD and MFT came of age. I have very recently acquired the 12-60 & 50-200 but as they were FT lenses they are not particularly fast focusing on current MFT bodies so I can’t wait for the EM-1 to arrive. (I hope it lives up to the hype.) I have to say though that I find the AF on the FT lenses performs better than I would have thought and manual focussing is a cinch with the VF-2 finder. However, the handling of these FT lenses on the tiny EPL-1 is poor but manageable and they do impress optically.

Now I have most (not all) of the lenses I want the next purchases will be the OMD EM-1 and either the EP-5 or the GX-7. In 2 camera bodies and assorted lenses I can have a high quality, rugged outfit and a very lightweight outfit all sharing the same lens mount, with the MMF adaptors, and image quality (unless the EM-1 really pulls the stops out) . Or I can use some of my old Leica , Zeiss, Minolta, Nikon, Canon etc lenses via fairly inexpensive adaptors using manual focus with peaking. That to my mind is what the MFT format is all about and it is not about matching the image quality of a FF camera.

I only acquired the 12-60mm last week and here is a test shot from it, plus a manual focus test (hand held) using a Sony 70-300G at 300mm (equiv 600mm) both on the EPL-1. Please note these are only casual test shots not meant for artistic appraisal.

Olympus 12-60mm

Sony 70-300G

best regards, Howard

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