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Re: Then why have an ON - OFF switch?

Rockwallaby wrote:

Then I ask you also - Why have the Nikon designers included an ON-OFF switch on every VR lens made, if it serves no purpose?

Did they just put it there for fun so that they could sit back and have a laugh at people posting on DP Review about its function?

Well, that makes you a laughing stock because the VR switch is there so as you can turn it off when you don't need it, ie when you are shooting at a fast enough shutter speed, or when on a tripod, or when you want to convey movement and therefore show motion blur. Simple.

As you seem to have intimate knowledge of the operation of the Nikon VR mechanism, can you advise us all of the main causes of VR failures and what we need to do to prevent such failures? I certainly do not want to have the expense of another repair.

There is a warning in the 70-200 f2.8 VRII instruction manual which states to not turn the camera off when VR is actually operating and this is not just when VR switch is on, but actually operating, ie, when the VR coils are actually in the midst of stabilising an image in the few seconds after you have half pressed the shutter. As we all know, the VR stabilisation only lasts for a few seconds after pressing the shutter and then the VR stops and leaves the lens elements in the rightful and secured position. So, do not switch the camera off right after you have half pressed the shutter for some reason or have accidently pressed the shutter. That is all. Not a warning stating that you need to make sure that you need to turn the VR off when you turn the camera off. There is no such warning that is in either the camera manual or the lens manual. Nil, nada, zilch.

I never paid any attention to turning the VR off before and I got a failure. So any advice given to me by a well established and reputable repairer (not Nikon) that has the potential to prevent a future failure is good advice and I will try my best to follow the advice given.

Your failure has something to do with something else, quite possibly turning the camera off whilst the VR was operating as I outlined above. Or, simply a fault that can occur as with any lens.

If you believe that advice is worthless then that is your opinion.

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